About the app bundle Document Handling

The bundle contains four individual apps:

  1. Document Creator
    Customize report layouts, translate labels and extend datasets for layouts with ease, without coding.
  2. Document Archive
    Go paperless with Document Archive’s easy document management, organized storage, and control over attachments.
  3. Document Mail Queue
    Effortless batch email processing and easy outgoing mail management.
  4. PDF Merge
    Enhance your PDF documents by applying stationeries or watermarks, appending terms and conditions, instructions, or anything else, for better-looking PDF documents

With Document Handling you can create beautiful reports without any coding necessary, easily add & control attachments throughout Business Central and mail these efficiently to your vendors and customers at the same time.

Integration features

  • Create nice layouts without coding and append stationary paper.
  • Email the layout and stationary paper and default attachments in one go.
  • Automatically send attachments stored in BC using mail.
  • Design email bodies and use them with automated batch mailing.

Document Handling scheme
Document Handling scheme

Use Cases

To demonstrate the capabilities of Document Handling, we’ve described some use cases for you.
In these cases we won’t explain all the details of how you can configure and use the apps, as our goal here is to show how they work together for you.

Use Case I. Mail a manual from an item together with a sales invoice to a customer

We start off with an Item. As you can imagine, there might be documents that are relevant to a customer that buys an item, like a digital user manual for that item. First, we need to attach that document to the item and store it somewhere. And when the item is used on a Sales Order, we would like to have it attached there too, so that when the order is being processed, the digital user manual is also attached to the order confirmation.

This is where Document Archive comes into play. With Document Archive you can easily attach documents and files to the item and have it stored on a file storage, like SharePoint or Azure Blob Storage. You can also configure it, so that when you use the Item on a Sales Order, the file will be linked to the sales order as one of the attachments.

In addition, when we post/invoice the Sales Order, we would like the customer to receive a professional-looking invoice, using our company stationery and showing all the required information.

Document Handling Document Archive and Document Mail Queue working together
Document Handling Document Archive & Document Mail Queue working together.

This is where both PDF Merge and Document Creator come in.

We can use the PDF Merge app to set up our company stationery, so it’s applied to the sales invoice that is sent to the customer. And with Document Creator we can very easily edit the layout of the sales invoice to get all the information we want to include.

Document Handling Creator and PDF Merge working together
Document Handling Creator & PDF Merge working together

Finally, we’d like the emailing of the Sales Invoice to be processed in the background when we post the invoice, completely automated. This is executed by Document Mail Queue. In the email, we shall have a copy of the sales invoice with our layout and stationery applied, and all attachments that are relevant for the customer are included.

Use Case II. Send the .pdf file of the Sales Invoices together with the Reminder

When your customers receive a reminder to pay their invoices, they will often ask you to send the .pdf file of the sales invoice again.

This is a tedious task, and the additional delay involved with the turn-around is not good for your cashflow.

In Document Handling we’ve added some features to support you in handling this scenario.

Document Archive supports the transfer of attachments from Posted Sales Invoices to Reminders.

This can be particularly useful in combination with the PDF Archive feature from Document Archive and Document Mail Queue.

How to use these features together?

1. Transfer files to and from PDF Archive
For this, first enable the PDF Archive feature for Posted Sales Invoices to get the .pdf files archived and attached to the posted sales invoices under the PDF Archive File Category.

Then set up the files from this category to be transferred from Posted Sales Invoices to Reminders.

Set up the Document Archive Transfer File Settings
Set up the Document Archive Transfer File Settings.

The pdf. file is transfered from the invoice tot the reminder
The pdf file is transfered from the invoice tot the reminder.

2. Send all files as attachments with Document Mail Queue
Next, set up the Document Archive Category to be used as attachment when mailing.
Now, when mailing the Reminder from Document Mail Queue, the .pdf files of the Sales Invoices will automatically be attached to the mail.

The reminder is send with the pdf file of the invoice
The reminder is send with the .pdf file of the invoice.

This helps your customers to pay their outstanding amounts on time, by sending them all the information they need up front without any additional effort from your end.