Is Digital Transformation for sale?

Today, digital transformation is a strategic topic for every company on the planet. Everybody knows examples of companies that have ignored the need to change. Or that started the change process too late. And where that led to. Of course, digital transformation has a lot to do with IT and software solutions. However, the question is if you simply can order digital transformation from the pricelist of your IT vendor.

The answer to this question is of course No! Digital transformation is not an article number on the pricelist of any vendor in today’s world. On the contrary, the change process that comes naturally with this transformation is dominated by the so called ‘human’ factors. Like the need for a vision on the future. Like trust and internal support. Clear communication about the goals and underlying strategies. Commitment of all parties involved. And exemplary behavior of the leaders.

Sure, IT solutions form an important part of a successful transformation process. But it’s impact is often overrated. It is safe to say that the contribution of your software solution is less than 50 percent of your total project success.

Here are some of the questions that the board of every company should ask themselves before jumping into any digital transformation initiative:

· Do we all understand what digital transformation is and why it is so important?
· Are we willing and motivated to change?
· Do we know what we want to change? Do we have a clear vision and strategy?
· Is the board willing and able to give the right example?
· What is the investment in digital transformation and what is the return?
· What will happen if the project fails? Or if we don’t change at all?

Taking the time to discuss this kind of questions on board level before the project starts will certainly increase the probability of a successful outcome!