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Our selection of custom apps for Business Central

Convenient Comments
Convenient Comments
Easily insert comments with a powerful comment editor, gain more insights with comment factboxes and be alerted in your process with special comments which generate notifications.
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Productivity Package
Productivity Package
The app to secure and optimise these processes that in standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central are rather limited, inflexible or with certain risk
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Complaint Registration
Complaint Registration
Easily register complaints for any customers, vendors, items and any issue.
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Status Management
Status Management
Provides a flexible setup for your company’s lifecycle of items with the use of statuses.
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Deposit Items
Deposit Items
Selling liquid in containers, handling additional cost, using pallets, or maybe even handling excise? These are all examples where Deposit Items is the solution!
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Document Archive
Document Archive
Are you ready to digitize your processes and move to a paperless office with just a few clicks?
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Document Mail Queue
Document Mail Queue
Enables you to process all the posted outgoing documents in one go.
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Document Creator Report desginer for Dynamics Business Central
Document Creator
Customize report layouts, translate labels and extend datasets for layouts with ease.
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Tech Trade Essentials app Business Central
Price & Item Management
For wholesale companies: import items & prices, manage old prices and get notifications in orders.
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Tech Trade Availability Indicators app Business Central
Inventory Availability Indicators
See at a glance which orders can be shipped and have insight in inventory levels in your orders.
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Custom Fields
Easily create your own custom fields for customers, vendors, contacts and more.
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