Apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Our selection of time-saving apps for Business Central

Document Handling – App Bundle
Be in control of your internal & external documents.
View Document Handling – App Bundle
Document Archive
Go paperless with Document Archive’s easy document management, organized storage, and control over attachments.
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Document Creator
Customize report layouts, translate labels and extend datasets for layouts with ease.
View Document Creator
Document Mail Queue
Document Mail Queue
Effortless batch email processing and easy outgoing mail management with Document Mail Queue.
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PDF Merge
Enhance your PDF documents by applying stationeries or watermarks, appending terms and conditions or instructions, or anything else.
View PDF Merge
Complaint Registration
Complaint Registration
Easily register complaints for any customers, vendors, items and any issue.
View Complaint Registration
Confidential Data Protection
Protect the sensitive and confidential data in your Business Central environment(s) from unauthorized access.
View Confidential Data Protection
Custom Fields
Easily create your own custom fields for customers, vendors, contacts and more.
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Hazardous Substances app for Business Central
Hazardous Substances
Easily register specific characteristics for hazardous substances on your Item Card.
View Hazardous Substances
Status Management
Status Management
Provides a flexible setup for your company’s lifecycle of items, customers and vendors as well as that of sales and purchase documents with the use of statuses.
View Status Management
Deposit Items
Deposit Items
Simplify handling of collateral items or additional costs in your logistic processes with Deposit Items.
View Deposit Items
Tech Trade Availability Indicators app Business Central
Inventory Availability Indicators
See at a glance which orders can be shipped and have insight in inventory levels in your orders.
View Inventory Availability Indicators
Tech Trade Essentials app Business Central
Price & Item Management
For wholesale companies: import items & prices, manage old prices and get notifications in orders.
View Price & Item Management
Hazardous Substances app for Business Central
Purchase Reminders
Efficiently manage purchase reminders with a comprehensive toolset that helps smoothen your procurement processes.
View Purchase Reminders
Reservation Rescheduler
Reservation Rescheduler
Optimize your logistics with dynamic, real-time reservations and quick and easy visualizations of your inventory status.
View Reservation Rescheduler
Convenient Comments
Convenient Comments
Easily insert comments with a powerful comment editor, gain more insights with comment factboxes and be alerted in your process with special comments which generate notifications.
View Convenient Comments
Productivity Package
Productivity Package
Optimize Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC with Productivity Package to enjoy enhanced, more efficient process flows, and better control.
View Productivity Package
Project Management Pro
Project Templates
Do you want to set up jobs more efficiently and afterwards be more in control of the progress of the jobs?
View Project Templates

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