About the app Convenient Comments

Do you want to copy and paste your comment from a document outside of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central without having to split it into individual lines manually?

Do you want to notify your co-workers of a special comment that is crucial for selling a specific item, selling to a specific customer, or purchasing from a specific vendor?

Do your users miss the comments entered for document( line)s, items or customers?

Convenient Comments adds a comment editor wherever you can edit comments. You can simply enter a long (multi-line) text and Convenient Comments will deal with splitting it up in comment lines after you are done editing.

Comment factboxes are added to various pages, so you can directly see the content of the comments in one glance from the main page. For example, in a Sales Order, this app adds two factboxes, one for the header comments and one for the line comments (i.e., for the line selected in the subpage that shows the order lines).

Enter a “Special Comment” in the added field on the item, service item, customer, or vendor card. For example, when you enter a special comment for an item on the Item Card page and use that same item in a sales order, a notification will be shown with that special comment.

Further, a “Comment Exists” field is added on various pages in Dynamics 365 Business Central, so that users can quickly see if a document (line) or entity has comments.

Fixed price per month:

– Price in EUR for entire Europe (incl. Non-euro countries): € 17,99
– Price in USD for all countries outside Europe: $ 17,99