About the app Reservation Rescheduler

Do you want real-time grip on your logistics at all times by linking supply and demand?

Then this is only possible if you work with hard reservations. When creating an order, you can use the reservation function to see immediately whether there is (free) available stock for the desired delivery date (indicated by the color green).
If there is no available stock, but an incoming goods flow does arrive (such as a purchase order), this flow is immediately claimed for your order and sales can see this immediately. If there is insufficient stock on the desired delivery date, the order line will turn red and action will be required to be able to deliver.
With the latest version of Reservation Rescheduler, it is fully integrated in the assembly order and production modules. For both modules the integration is available on the lines.

Scenario Introduction

With the use of Reservation Rescheduler a large set of features will be added to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with limited setup and configuration. The User Scenario Documentation will contain scenarios which describes the different user cases. For a more functional understanding the most common scenarios for Sales & Purchase with the help of a few illustrations are described in the document. All these cases and many more will be explained in detail further on in the document.

– Price in EUR for entire Europe (incl. Non-euro countries)
– Price in USD for all countries outside Europe

Subscription Usage per month Total price EUR Total price USD
S 1-10 € 200,- $ 200,-
M 11-25 € 400,- $ 400,-
L 26-50 € 600,- $ 600,-
XL 50+ € 800,- $ 800,-

Example (EUR):
42 full* users = € 600,- per month (N.B., not per user)