The Apportunix team is constantly working to improve your user experience of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The product roadmap is a sneak peek in our backlog of our upcoming new features and new apps. We update the roadmap quarterly.



App Feature Planned Available
Complaint Registration API for complaint registration Q2 2024
Convenient Comments Configurable Default Document Group Code(s) per Functional Area (e.g., Purchase, Sales, Service) Q2 2024
Document Creator Configure which printer to use based on which layout is being used (Printer Selection by Layout) Q2 2024
Document Creator Item Attributes on Reports and Layouts Q2 2024
Inventory Availability Indicators Default sorting of Shipment Planning page Q2 2024
Price and Item Management Add several free fields for use during import Q2 2024
Productivity Package Define data to change when copying to another environment. Q2 2024
Productivity Package Option to add Order no. and other info to Comments when using summary invoices. Q2 2024
Productivity Package Update document dates on Transfer Orders Q2 2024
Purchase Reminders Vendor order number editable on the send purchase reminders Q2 2024
Status Management Add Change Status (forward and backwards) to Power Automate action Q2 2024
Status Management Status Management for Sales Lines Q2 2024
Complaint Registration Support Document Archive Factbox on Complaints Q1 2024
Document Mail Queue Set up minimum amount for Sales Invoices for processing with the Document Mail Queue Q1 2024
Document Archive Support for Azure File Share as remote file storage Q1 2024
Document Archive Transfer attachments from Invoice to Reminder Q1 2024
Document Archive Transfer of files from customer/vendor to purchase/sales/job Q1 2024
Document Creator “Show Comments” and “Show Dimensions” as separate report request page options Q1 2024
Inventory Availability Indicators Add insight in received quantities for special orders in Sales Orders Q1 2024

Prerelease apps or features may be substantially modified before commercial release. This roadmap represents a product view and is not indicative of final licensing of individual features.


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