Road Map

The Apportunix team is constantly working to improve your user experience of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The product roadmap is a sneak peek in our backlog of our upcoming new features and new apps. We keep the product roadmap up to date every quarter of the year.

Custom Fields Add up to 10 custom fields for each table instead of 5 (Premium feature) Q1 2021
Custom Fields Add up to 10 custom fields on service documents (Premium feature) Q1 2021
Custom Fields Russian translations. Q1 2021
Deposit Items New app: Register deposit items in Dynamics 365 Business Central Q1 2021
Document Creator Extend reports with custom columns, data items and translatable labels Q1 2021
Complaint Registration New app: Register & follow up customer, vendor and internal complaints Q2 2021
Convenient Comments New app: Improve usability of comments with a dedicated editor, factboxes, etc. Q2 2021
Document Archive Automatically archive printed documents as PDF to the Document Archive Q2 2021
Document Creator Export and import report translations to/from XLIFF files Q2 2021
Inventory Availability Indicators Availability Indicators for Production Q2 2021
Inventory Availability Indicators Generate inventory picks from the Shipment Planning page Q2 2021
Price & Item Management Base Unit Cost field: Calculate the sales margin based on a fixed cost price Q2 2021
Status Management New app: Control the lifecycle of items Q2 2021
Azure DevOps Time Import New app: Import Azure DevOps Time Sheets in Dynamics 365 Business Central T.B.A.

Prerelease apps or features may be substantially modified before commercial release. This roadmap represents a product view and is not indicative of final licensing of individual features.


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