Road Map

The Apportunix team is constantly working to improve your user experience of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The product roadmap is a sneak peek in our backlog of our upcoming new features and new apps. We keep the product roadmap up to date every quarter of the year.

App Feature Planned Available
Convenient Comments Comments from Customer to Sales Document to Warehouse Document (and similar scenarios) Q3 2022
Document Archive Transfer Document Archive from Item to Purchase / Sales Q3 2022
Document Creator New payment option: Create a subscription for the app yourself, directly from Business Central. Q3 2022
Document Mail Queue Add support for purchase management Q3 2022
Price & Item Management Export including prices Q3 2022
Price & Item Management Differentiate the dateformula for old prices per itemgroup/vendor Q3 2022
Price & Item Management Ignore G/L accounts in Manual Price flowfield in Sales Header Q3 2022  ✓
Price & Item Management Integrate functionality regarding “Notification for old prices” in other sales docs and purchase docs Q3 2022
Price & Item Management Manual price functionality also in purchase documents Q3 2022
Productivity Package Batch for creating shipments and picks based on the shipment dates of the sales lines Q3 2022
Project Management Pro Job Invoice Schedule Q3 2022
PDF Merge New app: PDF Merge Q3 2022
Convenient Comments Factboxes for master data Q2 2022
Convenient Comments Comments for Customer and Vendor Ledger Entries Q2 2022
Document Archive PDF Archive Setting: Archive On: “Print”/”Download”/… Q2 2022
Document Archive Transfer Doc. Archive files from Opportunity to Sales Quote Q3 2022
Document Creator Allow creation of Emailbody-layouts with Document Creator (i.e., support for SaveAsHtml from the API) Q2 2022
Hazardous Substances New app: Register hazardous properties on your items and reporting options. Q2 2022
Inventory Availability Indicators Integration of warehouse shipments in the Shipment Planning page Q2 2022
Price & Item Management Support new price structure of price lists Q2 2022
Productivity Package Implement indicator functionality based on Environment & Company (also extensible for other extensions) Q2 2022
Productivity Package Only ship / receive feature in User Settings Q2 2022
Productivity Package Add financial reports Cost To Invoice & Invoices To Invoice Q2 2022
Project Management Pro New app: Simple enhancements and features in Jobs to easily manage the jobs including invoice schedules and budgeting Q2 2022
Purchase Management New app: Purchase Reminders for BC SaaS Q2 2022
Custom Fields Custom Fields on Tracking Specification (Serial / Lot no. Information) Q1 2022
Custom Fields Multi Textline editor for fields in lines Q1 2022
Deposit Items Add deposit items to dataset of layouts Q1 2022
Deposit Items Setting deposit item application per vendor / customer Q1 2022
Document Archive Improved SharePoint integration: Folder structure based on category, documents and entities Q1 2022
Document Creator Add total amount including VAT to the dataset Q1 2022
Document Creator PDF merge configurable per company Q1 2022
Document Mail Queue Process Sales Shipments, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders with Document Mail Queue Q1 2022
Complaint Registration Add field “Status” to “Complaints” page Q4 2021
Complaint Registration Overview complaints per entity in FactBox Q4 2021
Custom Fields Restart notification after adding fields to apply translations Q4 2021
Custom Fields Single line option for text and show notifications Q4 2021
Document Archive Automatically generate and store a PDF of the printed document in Document Archive Q4 2021
Document Creator Digital Signature for PDFs based on Certificate (canceled) Q4 2021
Productivity Package Job queue handling optimizations Q4 2021
Reservation Rescheduler New app: Extension for reservations with automatic rescheduling of the delivery dates and easy color indications for quick insights Q4 2021
Custom Fields Additional entities for production orders, fixed assets, jobs and assembly orders Q3 2021
Custom Fields Implement Telemetry Q3 2021
Desposit Items Adding deposit items in the warehouse receipts Q3 2021
Inventory Availability Indicators Integration availability indicators for Production Q3 2021
Inventory Availability Indicators Integration of inventory picks in Shipment Planning Q3 2021
Productivity Package New app: several small enhancement features to significantly improve your productivity in Business Central Q3 2021

Prerelease apps or features may be substantially modified before commercial release. This roadmap represents a product view and is not indicative of final licensing of individual features.


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