About the app Purchase Reminders

In this decennium, the logistic chain has become more complex, as disruptions have become more and more common. Having insight in the lead times and communication with the vendors about these is more important than ever. That is where the Apportunix Purchase Reminders functionality delivers its value!

The app offers the user insight in the purchase lines that are not confirmed yet by the vendor and the lines that have not been received on time. With a simple batch, a Purchase Reminder can be generated and send to the vendor. When the vendor confirms the new receipt dates for these lines, the confirmations can be handled in an efficient way, per Reminder, instead of having to open and edit all the individual orders for which the new dates are confirmed.

Price per user per month:

Subscription License model EU USD
Purchase Reminders Per full user/month € 4,99 $ 4,99

Price in EUR/USD for entire Europe (incl. Non-euro countries): see matrix

Users are only the “full” + ”device” user licenses; so the Business Central Essentials or Premium users. Team members do not count in the calculation of the total number of users.