About the app Productivity Package

Do you experience that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an excellent product, but some processes could use a little more finesse? Do you want to gain valuable time by preventing errors instead of fixing them later on?
The Productivity Package secures and optimizes various processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that are rather limited, inflexible or with certain risks.

The app comes with multiple feature packages which can be licensed individually:

  • Productivity Admin
    Are you working with multiple Business Central environments (multiple production and/or sandbox (e.g., test/acceptance) environments) and do you keep having issues distinguishing between them and knowing in which environment you are working?Productivity Admin allows you to add a badge that is always displayed and change its color and text based on both the environment and company that you are working in. Based on the color and/or text of the badge you can now more easily see which environment (Production vs. Sandbox) and company you are working in.
  • Productivity Finance
    The Productivity Finance package prevents foul data, guide your posting & document dates, and allows you to gain advanced control over the General Business Posting Group settings for all types of journals.Also, Productivity Finance allows you to restrict per user that they are only able to ship or receive documents, instead of also presenting them with the invoicing options. Finally, the package also includes financial reports for accounting, such as the “Costs to Invoice / Invoices to Receive” report.
  • Productivity Logistics
    The Productivity Logistics subscription contains several new and updated batch features included for streamlining your automated logistical processes. These allow you to create Inventory Picks and Warehouse Shipments using batch reports, and the Create SKU’s batch is enhanced by including a template per location.

Apart from the features in these feature packages, Productivity Package also ships with additional features that allow for better control of your Job Queues, such as, being notified about errors and resetting job queue entries automatically when errors occur.


Productivity Admin
Prices (fixed, per environment) per month:
– Europe (incl. Non-euro countries): € 19.99
– All countries outside Europe: $ 19.99

Productivity Finance
Prices per user* per month:
– Europe (incl. Non-euro countries): € 1.19
– All countries outside Europe: $ 1.19

Productivity Logistics
Prices per user* per month:
– Europe (incl. Non-euro countries): € 1.19
– All countries outside Europe: $ 1.19

Users are only the “full” (Business Central Essentials or Premium users) + ”device” user licenses. Team members do not count in the calculation of the total number of users.