About the app Productivity Package

Is your master data fouled due to records with an empty primary key?
Do you want to keep your master data clean and actual, be able to delete master data, but protect the history?
Do you want to replace the Posting Date and Document Date with the Working date upon posting?
Do you want to have control over and to be able to distinguish between General Business Posting Groups and therewith the G/L Accounts that are used for the internal postings associated with manufacturing, assembly, transfer and item and resource journals?

The Productivity Package is an app that can be installed to secure and optimise these processes that in standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central are rather limited, inflexible or with certain risks.

Price per user per month:
– Price in EUR for entire Europe (incl. Non-euro countries): € 0,99
– Price in USD for all countries outside Europe: $ 1,19

Users are only the “full” (Business Central Essentials or Premium users) + ”device” user licenses. Team members do not count in the calculation of the total number of users.