About the app Document Creator

Document Creator is an add-on for developing report layouts in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It makes report layouts easy to edit, saving a lot of time on report development. By the intuitive report designer and separation of code and layout, also end-users without technical knowledge can make changes to report layouts.

Document Creator includes an easy-to-use standalone report designer (based on proven technology, used since 1998, in >50 countries, by >20K users) enhanced with various features tailored to support natural and efficient report development for Dynamics 365 Business Central. The report designer is rich in functionality, think of the following features:

  • Easily add fields and controls via drag & drop,
  • Generate barcodes from a field/expression, with support for a large number of barcode types (including, but not limited to, Code39/93/128, EAN-8/13/128, UPC-A/E0/E1 and QR codes)
  • Preview changes directly with data from Dynamics 365 Business Central,
  • Export to various output file formats (including PDF, Word and Excel),
  • Render HTML embedded in Text-objects,
  • Use advanced controls, including Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), Subreports, Shapes, Charts and Rich Text.

With the Document Creator Dataset Extensions feature it is possible to add columns, labels and data items directly from the client. No need to develop any report(extension) objects just to add fields to existing reports.

Essential features for Business Central
Document Creator includes a Report Translations feature which supports the development of multilingual reports adding translations as data. Running reports that utilize this feature will automatically populate the translation table with new records for missing translations. Report translations can be flexibly edited by end-users on the Document Creator Translations page.

On top of that, Document Creator Export Profiles can be used to fine-tune export settings for reports with a Document Creator layout. Export reports as interactive PDF forms, change the quality of images and vector graphics, or applying PDF stationeries or appendices to your PDF documents.

Free to use in Sandbox environments. Free designer trial.

Prices per month:
– Price in EUR for entire Europe
– Price in USD for all countries outside Europe

Number of full users Total Price EUR Total Price USD
1-10 € 39,00 $39,00
11-25 € 79,00 $79,00
26-50 € 119,00 $119,00
50+ € 149,00 $149,00

Example (EUR):
42 full* users = € 119,00 per month (N.B., not per user)


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