Document Creator – Pricing

The overview below presents the current prices for a Document Creator product key for each of the available license models. The Subscription model entails a monthly fee. The Perpetual model entails a one-time fee and an annual support and maintenance fee of 20%. The amounts for your company are those for the edition (S/M/L/XL) that applies at the end of each invoicing period, which is based on the number of full* users in your Dynamics 365 Business Central license.

There are two methods to order a Document Creator license for Production environments:

  1. Use the Order Form (Product Key). This is a (legacy) option available for Apportunix resellers to order a license for their Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV customers. You will receive the product key by e-mail in 1 – 2 business days. The Microsoft partner is invoiced periodically via invoices sent by e-mail.
  2. Use the Apportunix Subscriptions page in your Business Central Production environment (Recommended). This option allows partners and customers to start a Document Creator subscription directly (no waiting time). With this option you also get a 14-day free trial in your Production environment. Your payments are handled safely, in a PCI-compliant manner, in cooperation with our payment provider Stripe (via credit card).

The prices for Document Creator can be found in the overview below:

Subscription BC SaaS EUR monthly fee per AAD tenant, per Production environment USD monthly fee per AAD tenant, per Production environment
S: 1-10 full users € 35,00 $39,00
M: 11-25 full users € 69,00 $79,00
L: 26-50 full users € 105,00 $119,00
XL: 50+ full users € 129,00 $149,00

Example (EUR):
42 full* users = L-license = € 105,00 per month (N.B., not per user)

Subscription BC &
NAV On-Premise
EUR Monthly fee per BC license (i.e., VOICE ID) USD monthly fee per BC license (i.e., VOICE ID)
S: 1-10 full users € 19,00 $22,50
M: 11-25 full users € 39,00 $45,00
L: 26-50 full users € 59,00 $67,50
XL: 50+ full users € 79,00 $90,00


Perpetual BC &
NAV On-Premise **
EUR price
per BC license (i.e., VOICE ID)
USD price
per BC license (i.e., VOICE ID)
S: 1-10 full users € 595,00 $695,00
M: 11-25 full users € 1.195,00 $1.395,00
L: 26-50 full users € 1.795,00 $2.095,00
XL: 50+ full users € 2.595,00 $2.995,00
** 20% Annual support & maintenance fee


All Document Creator licenses include:
– Unlimited number of reports
– Editor and Developer license for 1 concurrent user
– Access to Document Creator Standard Reports
– Classic and RDLC Converter (not available for BC online/SaaS)
– Microsoft Azure consumption based on “fair usage” is included (only for BC online/SaaS)

* Users are the “full” user licenses; so the Business Central Essentials or Premium users, including device users. Team members do not count in the calculation of the total number of users.