Document Creator – Pricing

Note: Starting from June 2022 it is possible to start a Document Creator subscription directly from Business Central, using the “Apportunix Subscriptions” page.
Please find more information at our Prices page.

The overview below presents the current prices for a Document Creator product key for each of the available license models. The Subscription model entails a monthly fee. The Perpetual model entails a one-time fee and an annual support and maintenance fee of 20%. The amounts for your company are those for the edition (S/M/L/XL) that applies at the end of each invoicing period, which is based on the number of full* users in your Dynamics 365 Business Central license.

To place an order for a product key, you can use the Order Form (Product Key), found at the bottom of this page.

Subscription BC SaaS EUR monthly fee per AAD tenant USD monthly fee per AAD tenant
S: 1-10 full users € 35,00 $39,00
M: 11-25 full users € 69,00 $79,00
L: 26-50 full users € 105,00 $119,00
XL: 50+ full users € 129,00 $149,00

Example (EUR):
42 full* users = L-license = € 105,00 per month (N.B., not per user)

Subscription BC &
NAV On-Premise
EUR Monthly fee per BC license (i.e., VOICE ID) USD monthly fee per BC license (i.e., VOICE ID)
S: 1-10 full users € 19,00 $22,50
M: 11-25 full users € 39,00 $45,00
L: 26-50 full users € 59,00 $67,50
XL: 50+ full users € 79,00 $90,00


Perpetual BC &
NAV On-Premise **
EUR price
per BC license (i.e., VOICE ID)
USD price
per BC license (i.e., VOICE ID)
S: 1-10 full users € 595,00 $695,00
M: 11-25 full users € 1.195,00 $1.395,00
L: 26-50 full users € 1.795,00 $2.095,00
XL: 50+ full users € 2.595,00 $2.995,00
** 20% Annual support & maintenance fee


All Document Creator licenses include:
– Unlimited number of reports
– Editor and Developer license for 1 concurrent user
– Access to Document Creator Standard Reports
– Classic and RDLC Converter (not available for BC SaaS)
– Microsoft Azure consumption based on “fair usage” is included (only for BC SaaS)

* Users are the “full” user licenses; so the Business Central Essentials or Premium users, and device users. Team members do not count in the calculation of the total number of users.