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Document Creator

A watermark is applied to our reports when printed. Why is that? Users of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows Client are suddenly running into error messages about a Document Creator assembly or file not being found. What can we do about this? We are unable to activate the stand-alone Document Creator Designer. What should we do? We are using Document Creator from a Docker container, but it does not use the correct fonts. What is causing this and what could we do about this? What is the syntax we can use for expressions (e.g., for the VisibleExpression property)? Is Document Creator (support) future proof? How about a Classic Report and RDLC Report Layout Converter? Can you save Document Creator reports as PDF, Word and Excel? Can you preview your report before printing? Are barcodes supported? Is it possible to angle text? Can we temporarily use our DCR partner license at the customer site? Does Document Creator require Visual Studio? If you use Document Creator, can you still use RDLC and Word layouts for your reports? How about security and user access rights with Document Creator? Is it possible for the customer to edit Document Creator report layouts? If I have a license/subscription for Document Creator on Business Central (SaaS), can I use my license for an on-premise installation as well? Can I use the designer in the Demo version of Document Creator? Are there any limitations compared to RDLC reporting? Can we text merge Document Creator Reports? Is Document Creator Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD)? How does Document Creator perform compared to RDLC? Which client types does Document Creator work with?