About the app Hazardous Substances

In need of a tool where you can define your hazardous substances information? With this app you can easily define Hazardous Substances Codes, Transport Categories and more to register all the info you need.

A timesaving and error-limiting functionality!

The information on the Item Card can be used for multiple purposes; when transporting the goods to other locations or business relations, the data on the Item Card can be printed on the delivery notes to meet the ADR requirements.
In many countries, it is mandatory to have information about the hazardous substances in the warehouse available for the fire brigade. The information that can be maintained in the Apportunix Hazardous Substances app can serve as a source for these reports.

Fixed price per month:
– Price in EUR for entire Europe (incl. Non-euro countries): € 9.99
– Price in USD for all countries outside Europe: $ 9.99