We are getting an error message that the PDF file could not be read. What should we do?

If you have set up PDF merges in the PDF Merge Setup page, and run one of the reports the PDF merges apply to, then you might be faced with an error message like:

Could not read the provided PDF: 'Invalid entry in XRef table, ID=A, Generation=B, Position=C, ID of referenced object=D, Generation of referenced object=E'.

This might be due to one of the following problems with one or more of your PDF files:

  1. One of the uploaded/generated PDF files is password-protected. In that case, PDF Merge cannot use the PDF file. To resolve this, you should make sure no password-protected PDF files are used during your PDF merges.
  2. The PDF file is corrupt or does not adhere to PDF standards. To resolve this, you can use third-party PDF readers which typically have a Save As... option that helps you to resolve the issues in the PDF file. If you upload the PDF file in the PDF Merge Setup page after resolving the issues, then you will be able to use it in your PDF merges.