How is the number of users for a subscription calculated?

Use the Apportunix License Unit Overview page in Business Central to view the details of how the number of users for a subscription is calculated: For some Apportunix apps, the pricing is based on the number of users in the Production environment. The users that are included are those with "full" user licenses (including Device licenses, excluding Team Member licenses; unless stated otherwise). For more information on how the users are determined please see the Prices page.

If you have changed your user licenses in Microsoft 365, then always make sure to use the Update Users from Microsoft 365 action on the Users page in your Business Central Production environment. Running this action will make sure the licenses in Business Central are aligned with what has been configured in Microsoft 365.

Next to that, you can also choose to use the Enabled field on the Users page to disable users that you would no longer like to have access to Business Central.

On the Apportunix Products page, you can view each of the plans/pricings for each of the installed products.
By drilling down to the Plan card, you can also view the number of users that applies to that specific plan for your current Business Central Production environment in the Your User Count field.