How can we manage our subscriptions?

You can manage all your subscriptions on the Apportunix Subscriptions page in your Business Central Production environment.   On this page you will find an overview of all your subscriptions and page actions including:   • Apportunix Account • Create Subscription • Change Payment Method • Cancel Subscription

Apportunix Account

View information about the Apportunix Account for the current Production environment. Note that an account is always only for a single Production environment. On this page you will also find the e-mail address to which receipts and/or invoices for your subscriptions will be sent. Note that in these e-mails you can also find options to download both the invoice and receipt as a PDF file.   A sample of the contents of the Apportunix Account page:     A sample of the receipt e-mails you will receive for your subscriptions:  

Create Subscription

Start a wizard page to set up a new subscription.  

Change Payment Method

Allows you to change the payment method for the selected subscription, e.g., if payments fail with your currently set-up credit card.    

Cancel Subscription

Allows you to cancel the selected, active subscription. Please take note of the following:   • Uninstalling (an) Apportunix app(s) from your environment will not cancel your active subscription(s). You will need to cancel your subscription(s) via the Apportunix Subscriptions page in the concerning Business Central Production environment. • If you cancel a subscription it will be canceled at the end of the current invoicing period. You can keep using the subscription till the specified Cancel at Date. • If you have subscriptions that are unpaid/past due, then you will not be able to start a new subscription. • If you already had a trial period for a product, then you will not be able to start a new trial period for the same product.  

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