We get an error that says an access token could not be retrieved. What should we do to resolve this?

If you get the following error message while trying to use Document Archive features (while using the SharePoint file handler):

An access token for application DCA_SHAREPOINT could not be retrieved.

then this indicates that the authentication to SharePoint failed as an access token could not be retrieved using the Azure App Registration.

This could mean two things:

  1. You have already configured the OAuth 2.0 configuration earlier, but the Client Secret has expired.
    To resolve this, please generate a new client secret for the Azure App Registration (in the Azure Portal of the Microsoft Entra tenant), and then paste this new client secret into the Client Secret field on the OAuth 2.0 Application card page that holds the configuration for Document Archive.

    To avoid this problem, please make absolutely sure to track when the current client secret expires and replace it with a new one in the OAuth 2.0 Application card page before it expires.

  2. You are currently setting up OAuth 2.0 authentication to authenticate with the SharePoint file handler.
    Please follow the steps in the SharePoint File Handler Setup section of our online documentation.

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