How can we update an app for our Business Central environment?

To update an app in one of your Business Central (online) environments, please follow these steps:

  1. Open the Dynamics 365 Business Central admin center via Partner Center and open the administration for the environment concerned. After selecting the environment, choose Apps.
  2. Please wait until all apps for the environment are loaded in the overview. After that, please find the app concerned in this overview, and then choose the Install update or Action required (if dependencies need to be updated as well) action.
  3. Confirm that you would like to install the update. (It might be that you will be asked to confirm and agree on updating any dependencies (e.g., library apps that the app uses) as well. If that is the case, please agree and confirm to continue.)
  4. Finally, you will see that the update will be performed soon. If you open the overview again after a few minutes and/or if you open the Extension Management page in the Business Central environment, then you will see that the new version will have been installed. Also note that you can view the progress/status of the update in the Deployment Status page for updates that are pending or in progress.