We are getting an error message about not having permissions for an object. What should we do?

Here are some guidelines in what to do if you get a message that your license is invalid:

  • "You do not have the following permissions on <Object Type><Object Name> : <Permission Type>. To view details about your permissions, see the Effective Permissions page."

    If you see this message, then please make sure that your user or one of your user groups have the appropriate permission set(s) assigned to use the app as described in the User Documentation for the app.

    If you are working with BC On-Premise (or NAV), then also please verify that your BC license (.flf/.bclicense) file includes the "Apportunix Suite" ISV module. If it is not included, then please have your Apportunix reseller/partner add the ISV module to your BC license through Microsoft PartnerSource Business Center.

If you are still experiencing issues with activating your product, then please reach out to us via the Support page.