We run into an error that says “A task was canceled.”. What can we do about this? (On-Premise)

If you run into the following error message when making an attempt to render a report, then this could be for various reasons, one of them being that .NET (6.0) and/or "Microsoft.WindowsDesktop.App" framework for .NET is not installed on the NST server.

A call to DocumentCreator.Dynamics.Nav.Engine.PrintReport.SaveAsPDF failed with this message: A task was canceled.


The rendering task failed unexpectedly. One major reason why this might be, is that .NET (6.0) is not installed.


Directly after making an attempt to render a report, you will see some new entries show up in the Windows Event Viewer on the NST server which indicates the reason for the error. Please follow the instructions to resolve the error, e.g., by installing the .NET 6.0 runtime and/or "Microsoft.WindowsDesktop.App" framework for .NET on the NST server.

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